Motor Collection


The Motor Collection includes two different cuts: Motor Normal and Motor Stencil.

Motor Normal and Motor Stencil are strongly grided, monolined and monospaced fonts with technical charme. With its monotone and reliable rhythm it tends towards condensed proportions reminding of old poster fonts. Its origins lie in the typeface Mono45 Headline and the manually stamped tickets found at the University-hospital in Zurich.

Formats (multi-platform compatible for Mac & Win)
OTF: PostScript-flavoured OpenType / TTF: TrueType OpenType
OTF- / TTF-files come in the same package without extra charge.

OpenType features
– Contextual alternate for lowercase »a«

Supported Languages / Unicode ranges
Latin-1 Supplement – see also Technical Info

Designer Fabian Leuenberger, 2010



Text samples – Contextual alternate for lowercase “a”


Contextual alternates (OpenType) / Ligatures

Glyph set/Unicode range – Latin-1 Supplement